Abloom Exclusive Serviced Apartments

Abloom are Exclusive Serviced Apartments, situated in low-rise residential enclave of leafy Phahonyothin, offers the peace and tranquility of life outside the city centre with amenities and accessibility usually only found within.


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    Ideal for those staying alone or as a couple, the Studio offers 43 sq.m. of contemporary style accommodation. Within your room, you’ll find complete convenience with a separate living room and dining area. It has a stylish ensuite bathroom with shower. 

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  • 1 Bedroom Premier Suite

    Room Size : 65 SQ.M.

    New concept rooms with unique styling. These rooms are tastefully furnished in a modern style and vibrant colors. Airy and spacious 65 sq.m. with separate living room, dining area and en suite bathroom. Balcony is provided in some rooms. Pick your favorite!

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  • 1 Bedroom Deluxe

    Room Size : 65 SQ.M.

    This 1 Bedroom Deluxe offers everything for a truly remarkable stay. Superiorly spacious and purely comfort crafted, indulge in our 65 sq.m. perfection. Prepare your own meals in the kitchenette befor...

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  • 2 Bedroom Superior

    Room Size : 108-118 SQ.M.

    This gorgeous 108-118 sq.m. room, with wider balcony (on request), is perfect for family or groups. It offers bright and spacious bedrooms, a large, modern living area with a dining table and fully functional kitchenette.

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  • 2 Bedroom Deluxe

    Room Size : 183 SQ.M.

    At 183 sq.m. it is a comfortable and functional room. Complemented by elegant décor, breathe deeply and relax in the green private garden. It offers bright and spacious bedrooms, a large modern stylish living area with a dining table and fully functional kitchenette.

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  • 3 Bedroom Deluxe Suite

    Room Size : 180 SQ.M.

    A Beautiful 180 sq.m. with king bed, queen and 2 single beds with private bathroom in each room. The ideal choice for family and big groups, these deluxe suites are absolutely perfect and functional. ...

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  • 3 Bedroom Executive Suite

    Room Size : 210 SQ.M.

    This 210 sq.m. duplex room is breathtaking. The first floor includes a spacious living room, large dining table and fully functional kitchenette. The second floor has 3 lovely bedrooms. The master bedroom boasts a king size bed and both the second and third bedrooms have queen size beds. 

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  • President Suite

    Room Size : 301 SQ.M.

    This luxurious 301 sq.m. duplex room with private spacious garden balcony provides an unforgettable experience. The first floor includes a modern and spacious living area, a huge dining table and a fu...

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